How to distinguish between silicone products and latex products?

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It is difficult to distinguish between silicone and latex, so it is very troublesome to distinguish whether a product is a silicone product or a latex product. The following Kangde silicone will introduce you to several commonly used identification methods:
1. Look, there will be skin formation on the surface of natural latex, which looks like a material like milk skin. Pressing will produce natural folds. When the synthetic latex passes through the high-temperature distillation process, the added powder will turn black and black, so generally a large amount of fluorescent agents and whitening agents will be added to the synthetic latex to cover up this phenomenon, so the synthetic latex will look very White and glossy on the surface. When natural latex is distilled at high temperature, it will turn yellow, and then it will be washed once, and after washing, it will show a light yellow or yellow and white color. Natural latex will have air bubbles when it is made, and it is unavoidable in technology now, so products that are too perfect need to be careful.
2. Smell, in fact, latex was originally another name for natural rubber juice, so the essence of natural latex is still rubber juice. Although rubber juice looks milky and milk-like, their essence is different, so there is no so-called of milky aroma. Pure natural latex products should have a faint rubber smell, not the so-called milky fragrance. During the production process of synthetic latex, chemical substances will be volatilized, and it will emit a pungent smell. In order to cover up this smell, essence will be added to it. Closer to home, natural latex itself will have a great rubber smell. When washing with water, most of the smell will be washed away, which is why there is a slight rubber smell. However, some workers did not wash thoroughly when washing with water, so some would be yellowish or have a strong rubber smell.
3. Touch, the natural rubber feels soft to the touch, a bit like touching clothes that are not dry, a little moisturizing. It feels good to the touch, like touching a baby's skin. And you can fold the product in half and let go, natural latex will be more elastic and will bounce off, while silicone products do not have this ability.
4. Tear, natural latex has the characteristics of medium firmness, so it can't be torn hard, and tearing hard will tear the natural latex product. Synthetic latex is very strong and tear-resistant because of the adhesive added. Some products are broken when touched or broken with a gentle pull, then it is the production problem of the product itself, so be careful.
5. Others, natural latex products cannot be in a vacuum state for a long time. Because of the characteristics of slow rebound, it will take about an hour to restore the original state after vacuuming, and it will take longer than a month, and there is a large amount of time. There is a chance of damaging his molecular structure, resulting in a situation where it cannot rebound. If it cannot be recovered, then the product can only be scrapped. Therefore, general natural latex products are generally not vacuumed. Synthetic ones can be kept in a vacuum state for a long time, expand rapidly after opening, and return to their original state.
 Finally, there are many products on the market that claim to be natural latex products, but you still need to distinguish between true and false products. Natural latex products will turn yellow year by year. Because of their natural decomposable characteristics, they should not be placed in a high temperature exposure environment for a long time. Silicone products are not only resistant to high and low temperature, but also can be washed with water. After washing, squeeze out the water and place it in a ventilated place to dry naturally in the shade.


(1) What is the MOQ for this product?
-- For ready mold, the MOQ is 500Sets; for new moulding, should be negotiated.
(2) Can I have my own design idea to you and your designer help to design?
-- Yes, we have our own designer, can help you for design from ideas to products.
(3) Can I design my own colors?
-- Yes, you can choose any colors from Pantone.
(4) Can I make own logo on the prduct?
-- Yes, we can make your own logo on the product by screen printing or engraving logo on the product.
(5) How is the product packed?
-- Usually will come in our normal packaging: each into a polybag . But we can als custom your own packaging.
(6) Do your products reach the Europe, North America or Japan quality standard?
-- Yes, they are compliant with LFGB, FDA and CE certificates, so we definitely can meet your market standard.
(7) How about the delivery time?
-- Within 3-7 workdays for normal orders. OEM and Big orders will depend on production time.
(8) How to contact you?
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