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There are many cup materials commonly used in our daily life, but there are very few silicone tableware and cups, such as silicone. Or outdoor use, it can be regarded as a satisfactory daily necessities!
Since the country advocates switching to environmentally friendly travel and low-carbon life, most citizens in our country choose low-carbon products for life and travel. Taking silicone products as an example, silicone-based products are currently a relatively environmentally friendly type of colloidal daily necessities.
Most of the items we use in our daily life are replaced by silicone materials, such as home kitchen utensils, silicone daily necessities, and silicone water cups. The silicone water cup in daily necessities is also known as a daily utensil that is commonly used in life, but have you understood its features and advantages?
The main features of silicone water cups are environmental protection and safety, and have a good anti-fall effect, followed by the appearance of the product is very good, no matter the material and effect, it always makes people have a mentality of possession.
Silicone cups are mainly made of food-grade silicone rubber, which can achieve a good cured soft rubber material, feel comfortable, and rebound strongly, and can print and laser engrave different patterns and characters on the appearance. Drop resistance is its main strength, even if you drop it from a height, it won't break.
Its processing technology is mainly based on mold molding and injection molding. Molding is to place the mixed rubber in the mold for high-temperature extrusion curing during the processing process. In the case of injection molding, the liquid silicone raw material is injected into the mold. High temperature molding in the cavity, the difference between the two is not big!
The silicone rubber cup is one of the necessary water bottles for many outdoor travel. Because it is soft and can be bent into other shapes at will, it is very convenient to fold and store, and it is not easy to be deformed after long-term twists and turns, and the silicone material can withstand high and low temperature for a long time. It will not be affected by cold or hot water, and it is convenient and quick to clean.


(1) What is the MOQ for this product?
-- For ready mold, the MOQ is 500Sets; for new moulding, should be negotiated.
(2) Can I have my own design idea to you and your designer help to design?
-- Yes, we have our own designer, can help you for design from ideas to products.
(3) Can I design my own colors?
-- Yes, you can choose any colors from Pantone.
(4) Can I make own logo on the prduct?
-- Yes, we can make your own logo on the product by screen printing or engraving logo on the product.
(5) How is the product packed?
-- Usually will come in our normal packaging: each into a polybag . But we can als custom your own packaging.
(6) Do your products reach the Europe, North America or Japan quality standard?
-- Yes, they are compliant with LFGB, FDA and CE certificates, so we definitely can meet your market standard.
(7) How about the delivery time?
-- Within 3-7 workdays for normal orders. OEM and Big orders will depend on production time.
(8) How to contact you?
-- Click send email to, you can send email inquiry Or leave your message in the form below.

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