Will silicone straws produce harmful substances when drinking hot water?

Kangde Silicone Feb 11, 2022 Industry News
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Many users of silicone straws that are becoming popular now will start to worry about many problems when they just buy them home. They feel that although they are silicone products, they are afraid that they will not be qualified to buy them. When purchasing food-grade silicone products, it is time to look for products produced by regular manufacturers. Don't blindly pursue good-looking products without paying attention to whether they are odor-free silicone products! Some people will ask whether the silicone products will produce harmful substances in the process of using hot water?
First of all, silica gel can be scalded with boiling water and will not produce toxic and harmful substances, because silica gel products will encounter maintenance and cleaning problems during use, especially some food-grade silica gel products have a disinfection process, so silica gel products Can it be scalded with boiling water? The answer is yes, the premise is that the silicone products you can buy are food-grade silicone manufacturers with qualification certificates produced by regular manufacturers. If it is real silica gel, no harmful substances will be produced by scalding it with boiling water. If it is fake silica gel or inferior silica gel product itself, it should not be regarded as the scope of silica gel products. If there are problems such as discoloration, smell, deformation, etc. after being hot, then it is certain that the silicone products they bought are fake.
Silica gel is resistant to high temperature and low temperature: the temperature resistance range of silica gel raw materials is -40°C-220°C, which is far more than that of food plastic products, and it will not dissolve at more than 100°C. The use process is safe, even when scorched, it will only decompose into silicon dioxide and water vapor, which is non-toxic and harmless. Easy to clean, oil-resistant, impervious to water, washable in the dishwasher, easy to use, and a good helper for housewives.
Reminder: When using silicone straws, keep the silicone straws away from sharp knives to avoid being cut, and away from open flames, charcoal, etc. to avoid being melted! Silicone straws can generally withstand temperatures between -40 and 220 degrees.


(1) What is the MOQ for this product?
-- For ready mold, the MOQ is 500Sets; for new moulding, should be negotiated.
(2) Can I have my own design idea to you and your designer help to design?
-- Yes, we have our own designer, can help you for design from ideas to products.
(3) Can I design my own colors?
-- Yes, you can choose any colors from Pantone.
(4) Can I make own logo on the prduct?
-- Yes, we can make your own logo on the product by screen printing or engraving logo on the product.
(5) How is the product packed?
-- Usually will come in our normal packaging: each into a polybag . But we can als custom your own packaging.
(6) Do your products reach the Europe, North America or Japan quality standard?
-- Yes, they are compliant with LFGB, FDA and CE certificates, so we definitely can meet your market standard.
(7) How about the delivery time?
-- Within 3-7 workdays for normal orders. OEM and Big orders will depend on production time.
(8) How to contact you?
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