What process are multi-color mixed color silicone products made of?

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In the silicone product industry, in order to meet the needs of consumers, the multi-color series of silicone products has always been a hot-selling product. However, for the production process and cost control, many silicone product processing manufacturers are producing two-color or multi-color products. When it comes to different types of products, some cost-saving and relatively simple processing methods will be selected. We all know that in the silicone rubber product industry, the compression molding process is the most common processing method for production. What are the processing techniques for making multi-color silicone products? How is it different from the processing technology of single-color silicone products?
Relatively simple two-color and three-color silicone products basically adopt the secondary molding processing method. This type of processing method is mainly used by the silicone product processing manufacturers to solidify and form the secondary color body during production, and then put the color components into the main color. It is fixed in the mold cavity and put into the main color compound for secondary vulcanization. The product made is not much different from the glue drop process. This method also depends on the structure and size of the product than the color system. If the product is If it is too small, it is difficult to place the color K. Too many colors will affect the efficiency and the operation will be complicated. If you do a few simple colors, there should be no problem.
Transfer injection molding method; transfer injection processing is one of the few processing methods at present. Due to the relatively high cost of materials, few products choose this processing technology, and it can be used for secondary molding with different colors and different types of rubber. The conductive adhesive and the ordinary adhesive are injected into the secondary injection molding, multi-color injection molding, the same as the ordinary silicone product, it needs one color and the curing molding is carried out by the secondary vulcanization to achieve the dual-color effect, but it can be made into a larger volume. product.
In-mold printing processing is a relatively popular processing technology now. It is mainly similar to thermal transfer printing. The product is more gradually used in the mold to form one piece, and it is not processed separately. This method is also processed by silicone product manufacturers. It is made by molding. The printed pattern cardboard is mainly put into the mold for molding. After the production is completed, the effect is the same as that of the thermal transfer printing. Many silicone accessories choose this method.
Another relatively simple method is to bond and synthesize different colors, and reserve a certain glue slot for the silicone gift at the bonding place, so that the product can be bonded more firmly in the later gluing process. In this way, you can choose different colors and hardnesses and even materials can be bonded.
The molding process of silicone rubber product processing manufacturers From the perspective of the industry, the multi-color series products are still widely used in printing and dispensing processes, while the molding process is slightly worse in multi-color, but the color is relatively small. The effect of the silicone products made by molding secondary molding is no worse than that of other processes.


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-- For ready mold, the MOQ is 500Sets; for new moulding, should be negotiated.
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-- Yes, we have our own designer, can help you for design from ideas to products.
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-- Yes, you can choose any colors from Pantone.
(4) Can I make own logo on the prduct?
-- Yes, we can make your own logo on the product by screen printing or engraving logo on the product.
(5) How is the product packed?
-- Usually will come in our normal packaging: each into a polybag . But we can als custom your own packaging.
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-- Yes, they are compliant with LFGB, FDA and CE certificates, so we definitely can meet your market standard.
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