Silicone product raw material silica gel toning and color matching

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Silicone products are widely used in our lives. Silicone watchbands, silicone gloves, silicone dishwashing brushes, silicone pacifiers, etc. are some common silicone products. Silicone products are different from the excellent characteristics of silicone, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, soft and delicate, Rich in colors, today we will talk about color issues for colored silicone products.

The color matching and color matching of silicone products are two completely different concepts. Color matching is a target color, and then match the color masterbatch according to our needs, match the various color masterbatches in proportion, and then match the color to the closest Products with the target color; and toning is to adjust the existing color to be the product closest to the target color. The color matching operation between the two must be based on the color matching to be lagging, and different color matching needs to draw up the formula from the beginning and change the color.
Operators of tinting and color matching of silicone rubber products must have rich operating experience and good color discrimination ability, and they must be familiar with the flexible use of various color masterbatches. Moreover, the entire color matching process must be based on the slow transition of the color from light to dark, and the corresponding number must be recorded for each color matching.
according to. Because of the accurate data, accurate color master component and the actual color and target color data from the color matching, effective data can be accumulated for the next time, thereby shortening the time of color matching and toning.
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