Commonly used identification methods for food-grade silicone products

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While silicone products enrich our daily lives, everyone also has some doubts about its safety, especially for kitchen silicone products and baby silicone products. Safety is our most concerned topic.

The essential material of silicone products is silica gel, and silica gel is also graded. At this time, we often have such questions. Is the silicone product I bought really food-grade silicone? How can I distinguish food grade silicone? Don't worry, Kant will introduce a few methods to you, simple and practical:
Method one, ask about the smell of the product. The pungent smell is ordinary silica gel, and the opposite is food-grade silica gel. Ordinary silica gel has a pungent odor and is not environmentally friendly. Food grade silica gel is non-toxic and tasteless, and is environmentally friendly silica gel.
Method two is baking. Generally, ordinary silica gel can withstand temperature up to about 150 degrees, while food-grade silica gel can withstand high temperatures of 250 degrees, and the temperature can be as high as 350 degrees in a short time. Of course, except for special silicone.
Method three, pull, take the silicone tube as an example, pinch both ends of the silicone tube with your hand, and pull it in the opposite direction. If it becomes white and you can smell the pungent smell, it means it is ordinary silicone, and vice versa. Food grade silicone. (Sometimes it won’t turn white when pulled up. Because the manufacturer produces by-products during the vulcanization process, there will be a light odor, but it is also food-grade silica gel, which will not affect the quality of the product, and the odor can be self-sustaining. Eliminated).
Food-grade silicone has the characteristics of non-toxic, odorless, high temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, and high transparency. The silicone products made will not turn yellow over time. The performance of ordinary silica gel is not so good. Products made with this type of silica gel will not only have a great smell, but will also turn yellow or dark lines over time.
Generally speaking, regular manufacturers will not use ordinary silica gel to fool customers, but we can distinguish food-grade silica gel by ourselves, and we feel more at ease when we use it.

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