Features of silk screen patterns on silicone products

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Many products in life are printed by silk screen printing. Perhaps because the silk screen process has many excellent features, it will be recognized by many users and will be widely used. Silicone product manufacturers are not unfamiliar with the silk screen printing process. Many products of the silicone product manufacturers use silk screen printing and other processes to print various patterns on the silicone products to enhance the beauty and product quality. So, what are the characteristics of the silicone silk screen pattern?

Silicone screen printing is a two-component liquid silicone, movable transparent liquid silicone, curing agent and color paste (modulated to the desired color). Flow screen printing silica gel has excellent characteristics: good mobility, moderate viscosity, easy operation, excellent tear strength, excellent resilience, excellent thermal stability and weather resistance, yellowing resistance and heat aging resistance.
Silicone screen printing is a kind of non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly. It can pass any safety system certification, which can greatly increase the added value of products and provide a solid guarantee for the production of environmentally friendly products that are advertised around the world. Silicone screen printing pictures have a strong three-dimensional effect, soft to the touch, and are complementary to textiles or leather goods. The silk screen patterns also have excellent peel strength, abrasion resistance, and brightness; they are also waterproof, non-slip, breathable, resistant to high and low temperatures, and outstanding Leveling.
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