How will the physical properties of silicone keys be affected?

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Silicone keys are a kind of silicone products, which are all kinds of silicone keys molded from silicone raw materials. Silicone keys have excellent characteristics with other materials and are deeply loved by people and are widely used in all aspects. But are there some factors in the production process of silicone keys that will affect the physical properties of silicone keys?

1. Viscosity: Under normal circumstances, the viscosity is directly proportional to the hardness;
 2. Hardness: Silicone rubber has a Shore hardness range of 10 to 80, which gives designers full freedom to choose the required hardness to best achieve specific functions;
 3. Tensile strength of silica gel: Tensile strength refers to the force required for each range unit when a piece of rubber material sample is torn.
4. The tearing strength of silica gel: the resistance that hinders the expansion of the incision or notch when force is applied to the sample with the incision;
 5. Ultimate rupture elongation of silica gel: the percentage increase relative to the original length when the sample ruptures. Thermally vulcanized solid silicone rubber generally has an elongation in the range of 90 to 1120%. The general elongation of fluorosilicone rubber is between 159 and 699%. The general elongation of liquid silicone rubber is between 220 and 900%. Different processing methods and choice of hardener can greatly change its elongation. The elongation of silicone rubber has a great relationship with temperature;
 6. Operating time of silica gel: The operating time is calculated from the moment when the colloid is added to the vulcanizing agent. There is actually no complete limit between this operation time and the subsequent vulcanization time. The colloid has undergone vulcanization reaction from the moment the vulcanizing agent is added. This operation time means that the 30-minute vulcanization reaction of the product does not affect the quality of the finished product. Therefore, the more time saved during the operation of the silicone button, the more beneficial it is to the finished product.

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