Advantages, disadvantages and longevity of silicone baby bottles

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For every novice parent, every detail about the baby's diet and care is worthy of extra attention. The purchase and use of every item the baby needs are meticulous.

Among them, the baby's feeding bottle is also worthy of special attention from parents. Even the choice of feeding bottle to material is also a question worth thinking about. So whether to choose a silicone feeding bottle or a glass feeding bottle needs to be investigated. Generally speaking, it depends on which material the baby is suitable for, because the glass bottle is heavier and it is not convenient for the baby to use, and the glass is fragile, which is prone to safety problems. As for the silicone, I am worried that it is not safe enough, and I am afraid it will be bad for the baby's health.
So, is it better for newborns to use silicone baby bottles or glass baby bottles? How often is it better to change silicone baby bottles? What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone baby bottles? Focus on food-grade silicone products manufacturers to answer you one by one.
Silicone baby bottles are made of pure natural food-grade silica gel and medical-grade silicone materials, which are not harmful to the human body and can be used with confidence. Compared with glass baby bottles, silicone baby bottles have good safety and are not easily broken.
Since the silicone baby bottle is made of silicone, it feels very soft and can comfort the baby's emotions. Silicone baby bottles can maintain their own characteristics between 60 degrees and 200 degrees, and will not get damp when the indoor temperature is 25 degrees. Compared with other materials, silicone baby bottles have a very long service life. When the baby is older, it can also act as a water bottle; due to the special material of the silicone milk bottle, it will be relatively more expensive than other materials.
The silicone baby bottle is made of liquid silica gel, does not contain BPA, has stable chemical properties, is soft and elastic, and is not easy to break. Silicone baby bottles generally have a lifespan, and it is usually recommended to change them every 6 months. When the surface of the silicone baby bottle is damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately. Silicone pacifiers are consumables. If they are used for a long time, they will become hard or deteriorate. Moreover, constant cleaning will make the silicone pacifiers larger. It is very likely that the baby will choke while drinking, so it is generally recommended for three months. Replace the nipple once.

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