Different silicone products should choose different silicone materials

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For the many silicone rubber products on the market, we may all think that these products are all the same material! In fact, it is not the case, the so-called layman said fur, the expert said! For example: the color of the product is matched with the actual, the choice of hardness and the actual application should be reasonable and so on. Therefore, there are often design companies or designers who don't know the color, hardness, and purpose of the combination, which causes many silicone rubber products to be unreasonably used!

Appearance: For the actual use, the silicone rubber products factory generally describes structural problems! This problem is actually well understood. For example, the appearance and shape of a silicone accessory on a silicone toy can be designed at will. However, for a silicone product factory, this appearance may not be practical, and may not be up to date due to some limitations. To the production capacity.
Color: The appearance and color of a good silicone rubber product must match, such as a very beautiful silicone flower. If the flower is designed in black, the original meaning of the flower is completely lost. The choice of color on the material is also important!
Level: The level mentioned here is simply the level of safety and hygiene. A silicone pacifier will directly accept the human body, so at least it is the choice of food-grade silicone rubber materials, and it is impossible to choose ordinary rubber materials! For the international community, it is generally expressed in English: FDA, ROHS, SGS, etc., which are all safety, health, and environmental protection standards, because this level of choice is very important for the adoption of silicone rubber materials. Generally speaking, the design company proposes the use, and the silicone product company chooses the silicone material.
Softness and hardness: There are still many people who don’t actually understand the meaning of the softness and hardness of silicone products. They always feel that soft rubber is as simple as that. In fact, it is not. According to different uses of silicone rubber products, they will definitely choose related soft and hard materials To process the corresponding silicone rubber products, such as silicone gutta-perchas, very soft silicone rubber raw materials will be used for processing, and harder materials should not be used. Children should not bite hard objects when they have no teeth!
Special requirements: Some silicone rubber products will have special requirements and will be processed with different materials of silicone rubber according to the requirements. These types are generally industrial parts. Add corresponding special materials to the silicone rubber raw materials to complete this product! Many people in the design department do not understand, they need to explain the special requirements to the silicone product factory in advance to achieve the relevant material selection!

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