How to clean the silicone nail pad, how to clean the silicone nail pad

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Before you know it, silicone nail pads have become a kind of nail tools, which was completely unimaginable before! Silicone nail pad is a kind of silicone product produced by silicone product manufacturers and belongs to the silicone beauty catalog. Silicone nail pads have many advantages: good feel, bright colors, easy to clean, etc. Compared with the traditional table top, glass surface and other skin-friendly materials, women who have done nail art should have experienced it, so do you know how to clean the silicone nail pad? What are the cleaning methods? How can I make it cleaner?

Cleaning method of silicone nail pad:
1. After using it for a long time, there will be a lot of sweat, and there will be a sweat slowly, which is definitely not acceptable to customers! Then at this time, it can be cleaned like ordinary items, just add detergent and rinse with water!
2. Some dust and fabrics on the clothes will fall off on the nail pad. At this time, the clean water may not be completely rinsed off. You need to wash a basin of water and then use a rag to clean it!
3. If nail polish falls on it, then this problem is very easy to appear, and it is also a difficult problem to solve. At this time, you can find alcohol, rags and other materials, and pour the alcohol on the rags (you don’t need to pour a lot, One piece of the rag can be dampened), then use the rag to wipe the remaining nail polish on the nail pad (if a large piece can be deducted first), use alcohol to wipe it off completely, and use a harder one at this time Just rub off the remaining nail polish with the rag! Remember not to operate with particularly hard things such as brushes, steel wire balls, steel wires, or else the silicone nail pad will be damaged!
4. After long-term use, you can boil it in boiling water for a while, and make simple disinfection treatment, customers will like it more
5. After a long time of use, the silicone oil on the surface of the silicone nail art pad may be brushed off, and it looks no color. At this time, you can apply silicone oil on it, and put it in high temperature to let the silicone oil completely dissolve into the silicone nail art pad. Glow with new colors and achieve a completely new effect!
Note: The silicone nail pads cannot be cut with sharp knives, hard objects, etc., and open flames are not allowed!

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