Kangde Silicone Co., Ltd launches outdoor outreach activities of "Get Close to Nature and Health"

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    In order to improve the physical fitness of employees, strengthen teamwork, and enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, so that everyone can relax and get close to nature after stressful work, on November 27, 2020, Kangde Silicone Co., Ltd organized a foreign trade department The employees went to Huitai Orchard to carry out outdoor nature experience activities for employees with the theme "Get close to nature and health, unite forge ahead and create brilliance together".
    The outdoor nature experience activities include picking oranges, fishing, chopping wood, and cooking. Although the weather is cold, the road is far away, and the altitude rises sharply, it does not affect everyone's passion at all. All colleagues have devoted themselves with high morale and full enthusiasm. In the various activities.
    This outdoor experience activity allowed the employees of Kangde Silicone Co., Ltd to walk into nature, which not only honed their will, exercised their bodies, relieved the stress of busy work, and strengthened the team among colleagues. The ability of collaboration has played a positive role in enriching the cultural life of employees and enhancing their cohesion, and inspiring the passion and high morale of the employees.


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